What is blogging? Why do this? What is the benefit?

Today we will discuss what is a blog? What is blogging? Why blog? Today we discuss these issues. So let’s get started.

What is Blogging?

Before we know what blogging is, we need to know a little bit about blogging. We are all familiar with the term blog and everyone has a clear idea of ​​what a website is and how it works. A blog is a special kind of website that people initially used as a personal diary.

In other words, using blogs, we could write something every day or whenever we wanted, it could be on any topic. Nowadays, blogging has changed a lot. Now blogs have become a medium of social communication instead of personal diaries or personal writings. That is, normal people, store their own information in the information of a website blog.

When we constantly express our own or others’ opinions on our blog through blogs like this, it is actually called blogging. Blogging is writing on a blog.

Why Learn Blogging?

Blogging is basically, first of all, if you think you can express your thoughts in blogging. If you have words in your mind or if you have creative skills to write, then you can spread it through blogging. And now blogging has become a means of earning.

If you are good at a particular subject, if you want to write on that subject, you will write and then people will read that writing. And we know that where there are more people, there are more opportunities to preach. And there we have more opportunities to express our views.

And if you can prove your faith and competence to people, then people will read whatever you write. And it’s a lot like a gold mine. In other words, when you expressed your opinion and it became credible to people, then you actually became an important person.

As a result, whatever you say to people will be good. We hope to promote good things to people.

Another thing is if we think of a little traditional business that the business or organization will sell as long as you keep it open. But blogging is a platform that is on the Internet and is always open to everyone. This allows you to reach any person in any country in the world at any time.

The way you are earning e-income from this blog is giving you 24 hours e-income. This is who we can take as a part. That’s why we will learn to blog. I think blogging is basically a hobby for us or for peace of mind. And besides, from here we get a benefit for a long time which will go through an output of 24 hours.

How Much Money Does Blogging Make?

It actually has no limits. Maybe you invested something, as I said blog is a kind of business, or if I say enterprise, it also goes to this blogging. So normally I see many people take initiative but not all initiatives are successful and many initiatives do very well. So there is no income limit in blogging.

If you can do everything right, you can earn from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars a month. It will actually depend on how much work you are doing. It depends on what you are blogging about and how you are promoting or marketing it.

The important thing here is your dedication, the demand for what you are writing about, and the promotion of what you are writing about, that is, reaching out to the people you are writing for. If these are right and if the strategy is right, a good amount of money can be earned from the blog.

Which is more than the traditional income. The most interesting thing is that you can earn passive income by blogging. If you sleep and money will come and it is true.

In how Many Days Will the Income be?

It cannot be said to be specific. But if we look at what we really need to do when blogging. We must have these topics in any blog – such as good quality content, visitors must come. If there is only content, it will not happen.

Suppose you have a shop where there are many kinds of products but no one is going to buy them, then you are not getting any return from that product. In a way, your blog needs to have good quality content and visitors. When visitors come, visitors will read your writing, then you can actually get income from here.

Then you have to monetize the content of the blog in the right way. Monetization means to be able to earn or capitalize, we have to complete the monetization process correctly. And your writing needs to reach people. You have to do it regularly.

You have to make the bike wise, which means you don’t have to sit down to do it, you have to make it regular. Good quality content needs to be added, visitors need to come, monetize and promote. If we can regularize these things then it is possible to get income from here within 6 months based on individual and dedication.

Can it Make a Living?

It’s actually on top of your effort. Even then, if we think about traditional matters in the context of our Bangladesh or in the context of the countries around us, we read for 16-18 years. Then we graduate After completing a BA or Honors, I get a salary average of 10-15 thousand taka. Then after two or three years of service, some increments are made.

This means that after 5-6 years of learning something properly, you will get a salary promotion of 20-50 thousand taka. This means that if we set a standard, then you are given about 17-18 years to earn this livelihood of 10-15 thousand taka.

And if you earn that amount in a minimum of 2-3 months behind a blog, then it does not match the reality. However, it is true that since it is targeted skill development, if you give 6-1 years, you can earn more than that. Making 10-15 thousand takes not a matter of blogging, it is very easy.

And if you keep doing it in a proper way that you will not close, it means that if you close a business, the income will not come. So it doesn’t matter if you go to 6 digits in Bangladeshi taka, that is, to earn a minimum of one lakh taka. So it turns out that in a year or two you get what you get from a traditional job from blogging. But you must not just sit and dream, you must work to make it happen.

Learn Blog?

Nothing is actually magic or rocket science. I will not say that you will become an expert in something in 15-20 days. I do not dream of doing something very good. If I tell you the truth, it will be a great success. So normally you have to learn a lot in this blogging business course.

As with blog management, first, you know what you are blogging about. Then if we think about blog management separately. We will look at the workings of the WordPress platform, managing WordPress (WORDPRESS). Managing a website, back-office work, then some basic writing techniques, some ideas on how to do more writing.

Than SEO, learning SEO for blogging, learning content research, learning marketing. You need to know 7-8 such things in a good way. So it turns out that it will take you 6-7 months to do these things. In these 6-7 months, you will be able to take the website to a place with minimum income.

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