Can article writing be a career?

Can article writing be a career

How to make an income through article writing or how article writing can be a career. We understand writing to mean writing. Those who write in Bengali are called writers. There are many writers next to us. Each one writes on a different subject. Some write about technology-science fiction, some write novels, some write rhymes, some write poems or stories. Not everyone writes the same.

Everyone likes to write in their own way, everyone likes to write in their own way. When we write articles, we don’t write about just one subject. We don’t just write about health or sports. We will write about different topics. And these are the things I will write about how to know these. When writing, we have to read a lot of articles on the subject that we must write about, we have to watch videos.

Suppose a client asks you to write a review of one of his products. Now the more information you can collect about that product, the richer your writing will be, the better the quality of writing will be. Also, try to watch that related video. Whether anyone else has made a video on this topic or if someone else has written an article on this topic, what has he shed light on? Try to write good quality writing in a slightly different way from those writings in your own way. And when writing an article, you have to follow several rules.

Written in simple language

Try to write articles with short sentences. Do not write an article in such a way that five lines are six lines in one line. This shows that the readability is low. Therefore, when writing an article, try to write an article in simple and clear language. And overall you will try to write big articles with small sentences. The bigger the article, the more beneficial it will be for the person you are writing for or the blog you are writing for.

Suppose you work in a technology blog, here are articles written on various types of tech topics. Maybe how to open a Gmail account, how to add a custom mail by adding a domain in Gmail, how to make the computer fast. Articles on various topics are written in a blog. When you write here, you will see the blogs of some more similar blog competitors and you will see their writings. After viewing you will write your article.

Written in paragraph form

When we did academic writing, we wrote paragraphs, we wrote essays. But in the past, I have written many lines in the same way, but I did not follow any rules and regulations. But that cannot be done in the case of content writing. Content writing must be very specific. Someone will come to read the article you are writing and keep in mind that it will be useful for him to read the article. The questions he is trying to answer should be in your writing.

If I write about a subject I must think that those who are coming to read about this subject may have questions in their minds, what kind of problems they may face, what kind of information they want I have to give that kind of information there. And beautifully decorated. Many times there are many large articles, articles of two thousand words or articles of three thousand words. But we do not read the whole article word for word. We look at the headings, we look at the listings, what lists are there.

Article to be actionable

Our articles need to be actionable. Actionable again if the question arises in my mind, for example when I write about a subject but I have a purpose, I want to sell a product, maybe by writing I will give a message, maybe I will convert the reader into a link. Or I will answer some questions. In other words, whatever you write about, you have to write in a very beautiful way, you have to complete it in a beautiful way.

If I want to answer a question on a topic, I have to arrange the answers nicely. If I want to sell a product, then I have to analyze all the qualities, advantages and disadvantages of that product, then I have to give the link to buy the product at the end of the article. . These are called actionable.

Table of Contents

There should be a table of content inside the article. So that if the reader does not read the whole article and reads the main main points, he should understand. For that, the main main points must be inside the article. So we know how to write an article. I explained in a very simple way. You will try to know more details. There are a lot of videos on YouTube about how to write a good article. You can also watch those videos.

How to make money by writing articles

Another thing is that we waste our time and use our brains to write these articles, how to sell them or how to make money from them. This question may come to your mind. There are various marketplaces for selling this article. There are different types of sites that we can work on.

How to work on the sites

In order to work on the sites, you need to create a beautiful profile and before creating a profile, you need to create some beautiful samples. And to make some beautiful samples

If so, you must do the writing work. You can do the work of some local buyers, some local clients who will do the writing work with you, you can collect the writings as a sample. You can show the links to the client for whom you have written.

Sample making

When someone asks you to write about a topic, if you can show him some of the best samples related to that, then the client will definitely give you a job. So you do research on the subject that the client is asking you to write about. Watch some articles related to that topic, watch the video then write like yourself but don’t copy. If you copy an article from somewhere while writing the article, they can be checked out.

And in that case, if your writing has been copied, if you have numbered two, then if the client understands the matter, he will not give you any more work. Don’t cut and write articles. For example, two lines from here and three lines from there. Do not write articles like this. you try to know and understand before you write. Learn about it then write an article.

Write beautifully in your own language. And in the marketplace where you do not work, you must have the samples. If you can’t show the sample then you won’t get the job of writing. If you want to get a writing job, you have to write beautiful articles. Why don’t you write this article on a topic that is absolutely difficult to write with big sentences. You use very simple language. Use only what everyone understands.

Headings, lists, images, if you complete these very well, then the article will look very nice. And let your reader benefit from your writing. Then your writing will be considered as good writing. And if you can do good writing then you will not lack clients.

Where articles are used

Now you may be wondering who does this writing work or where these writings are used. Writing can be used in different places. For example, an academic can be useful, a product review can be useful, a news magazine can be useful for a blog. Those who write on the blog, those who are bloggers, they have to update the content on their blog every day, they have to add new content every week and it is used there.


Another thing to keep in mind is that when you write an article, you immediately send it to the client or if you have a website published there, it should not be the case. After writing each article, read it again and again and try to understand what you have written. If something goes wrong, fix it. Read it over and over again to see if you really understand what you mean by writing.

The client may ask you for a revision. If something goes wrong, he will ask you to fix it. In this case, you can’t be angry with the client. He will fix it in a nice way and he will always try to keep the client happy. Then you will see a beautiful profile of article writing you can grow in the marketplace. And your writing career will be much better.

I hope you understand how to work through writing. I tried to tell you the details of writing. If you want to know more about this, ask a question in the comment box and don’t forget to give your opinion in the comment box.

If you can learn a little more from this discussion, then here is the selfishness of my writing. So don’t forget to share the article. Share and spread so that more people can know and learn about this. Visit

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